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Foto JB tomada por Eduardo 3 oct 2021.JPG

Photo: Eduardo Roel

Art is a practice that allows me to connect with the events of life and the complexities of the world I inhabit. Through the use of traditional art techniques and other unorthodox means, I create narratives that give visibility to the social systems that result from our human condition and their interaction with the biotic systems of the planet.


My projects form conceptual nodes that connect, creating a rich and complex framework that does not have the traditional grip of a style. Research is a vital y part of the conception of my work, which is enriched by the findings and experiences generated during the process. Initiated in the world of sculpture, I quickly moved to the expanded field of three-dimensional art and from there, to a context of creation where everything can potentially be a reason for art.

My work generates transversal relationships between subjects and objects, between the corporeal and the immaterial. My visual codes intend to provoke the viewer to reflect and thus, conceive their own utopias.


The new horizon of my work points towards a scheme that will integrate knowledge, technology, and intelligence.




Jeannette Betancourt

December 11, 2022

Mexico City, Mexico.


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