National Art Show
Former Arsenal of the Spanish Navy.
Collective exhibition.
Vernissage: December 15, 2018.
Through: March, 2019.
El Cuadrado Gris/ The Grey Square.
Solo exhibition.
Vernissage: December 1, 2018.
Through: January 7, 2019.
Generosity and Compromise
Museum of the Ministry of Finance.
Collective exhibition of the Payment in kind collection.
Vernissage: November 28, 2018.
Through: August 31, 2019.
This is not an exhibition.
La Barranca Grafica Atelier.
Collective project.
Vernissage: November 23, 2018.
Through: December 2, 2018.
Stretching time...
Museum of the City of Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico.
Collective exhibition.
Vernissage: September 21, 2018.
Through: November 4, 2018.
The irrational imprint/ Fate
Fernando García Ponce MACAY Museum. Merida, Mexico.
Solo exhibition and performance presentation.
Vernissage: September 28, 2018.
Through January 11, 2019.
Mexico: women in art
Female video art program. Semi Space Open Studio. Beijing, China.
Date: April 24, 2018
Tie of the years.
Cinema with genre perspective. Collective presentation.
Museum of the City of Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico.
Date: April 17, 2018.
Human Nature
Isabelle Serrano Fine Art Gallery
Solo exhibition.
Vernissage: March 14, 2018.
Through April 13, 2019.
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