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Through art, I seek to share my particular view about the state of our planet, human beings, and the relationship between the two. I look to create narratives that lead us to recover nature as an example of ethical culture.


For some years now, the theme of nature began to infiltrate my artistic production. From various forms of representation of nature, I went to work with situations affecting its preservation, contingent aspects which I worked under three specific sub-themes: "Water", "Food" and "Land". Derived from that process, I researched the impact on Earth in its entirety, resulting from human activities and its sphere of knowledge. The project, "Effects of the Anthropocene and the noosphere on the Earth" specifically addresses issues such as migration, the biodiversity crisis, time as a measure of power, climate change, and the impact of economics and technology on the human sphere, among other topics.

Photo: Elizabeth Ross

I combine the rigor of methodological research with the poetics that result from those findings. Therefore, my repertoire of materials is very extensive and ranges from traditional supports such as bronze, resin, metal, polymers, and textiles, to the use of soil and air contaminants. To enrich the dialectics of my proposal, I use as peripheral disciplines to sculpture: video, installation, interventions, ready-mades, and documentation, among others.

My work is inserted in a social dimension that interrogates reality and its contrasts, with the intent of provoking awareness that may lead to an impact on the health of the planet and human beings.





Jeannette Betancourt

January 2022